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Facial Treatment

Each facial includes consultation with service provider to insure maximum results.

Eye and Neck & Decollete Treatments:

Individually 20 min.

Within a facial-15 minutes for each



Customized European Facial

60 min

Specially tailored to meet your individual skin needs.  Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, and a customized mask.  The treatment completed with a relaxing massage, custom moisturized and SPF.


Acne Facial

60 min

Deeply cleanse you skin by concentrating on exfoliation, extraction to dissolve blackheads, kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, and remove excess cell debris to leave skin hydrated and clean.


Hydra Peeling 

60 min

Guinot's Hydra Peeling treatment is a 60 minute facial with 3 steps to ensure and help with the process of ageing, pigmentation and brightening up the skin complexion.  It exfoliates, resurfaces, moisturizes, and renews the skin leaving it completely re-energized.


Age Summum

60 min

Age Summum is a 4 step anti-aging treatment that will help regenerate, firm and restore the skin's radiance.  Dermabrasion exfoliating cream resurfaces the skin and eliminates dead skin cells, followed by a powerful vitamin C enriched anti-aging serum to help stimulate cell rejuvenation.  Exclusive anti-aging massage to help recontour the shape of the face.  Active Pro-Collagen mask restores the skin's radiant and youthful glow.



The HydraFacial is the latest innovation of the skin care industry.  The HydraFacial machine uses a unique and powerful suction to provide the ultimate skin resurfacing treatment.  It diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, hyper-pigmentation, congested pours and uneven skin tones.  It provides cleaning, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration of antioxidants peptides, and hyaluronic acid.  Immediate visible results will be instant with no discomfort or irritation.  This treatment is completely personalized to address your specific skin care concerns.

HydraFacial Signature Treatment (30min)

Series of 3

This treatment includes 4 step process, manual cleanse, exfoliation, gentle extraction, oxygen infusion.



HydraFacial Deluxe (90min)

Series of 3

This treatment includes 4 step process, manual cleanse, exfoliation, gentle extraction, oxygen infusion.



Enhancements add to any facial


LED light therapy

Specific light wave technology to target a variety of skin conditions.


A rejuventation proess bases on electrical currents.  It balances skin's hydration and collagen levels - both of which helps with acne and wrinkles.

Hydra Exfoliation or Extraction

Depends on the need of your skin.  Can be addes to any facial services.

Oxygen Infusion

Increase in collagen production, moisture intake and a rapid recovery after skin treatments.

Eye Lift

Focuses on the fragile eye area, minimize the appearance of dark circles combats puffiness, reduces shadow and bags.





Aromatic Face

50 min

Aromatic facial is a 50 minute soothing treatment that combines essential oils, a relaxing massage to hydrate, balance, energize the skin.  An essential oil blend personalized for each skin type which penetrates the skin to balance, refresh and sooth the skin.  Skin is soothed and more radiate after the plant-concentrate infused masque.


Lift Summum

60 min

Lift Summum is a new lifting treatment designed to firm and smooth the delicate skin of the face, neck, and chest - offering instance and long-term results.  In four steps, the treatment exfoliates and removes dead cells, massages the skin to improve skin elasticity, fills and erases wrinkles, and finally masks the skin to smooth and lift facial features.